Langer No.7 im Test LP-1/2014
Langer No.7 Hifi&Records 3/2016
Our Philosophy
Advance in technology is our key for success.

For effective and successful engineering, we rely on solid technology background, knowledge of measurement technology and of course a lot of practice. Vodoo-Stuff” without any physical base, is not our kind of acting.

Of course it is necessary to prove our engineering results by listening sessions. As listening sessions are always a kind of subjective, we prefer to make them “blindfolded” in an A/B comparison. Tests with a reference to compare are very effective, as our ear is extremely sensitive for detecting differences. We also repeat listening sessions after a while. With this procedure we can eliminate subjective factors and differences in our daily mood.

Listening to music is a highly emotional thing and this is good. But the playback equipment technology has nothing to do with emotions. It simply must work perfect. The absolute goal for our components is to keep the music signal as is.
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