Langer No.7 im Test LP-1/2014
Langer No.7 Hifi&Records 3/2016
About us
Our business is engineering of turntables and drive components. We also manufacture these components here in Germany. It may sound a little strange, in the age of digital media. But I am strongly convinced that vinyl will still have its fans, when some digital media is already out of business.

As vinyl is only a niche market, the technology of the actual playback equipment follows always the same standard solutions. Nearly all drives use a belt drive with a high rpm DC-motor or synchronous motor. In the late 70s or early 80s the situation was completely different. Almost all top models were direct drives. The old story that the best drive solution has survived is simply wrong. The real reason is, there is simply no motor or drive controller for direct drives available anymore. Even during the boom time of turntables, just a few companies have owned this technology by themselves. Most of the other manufacturers simply bought the components. When the know how companies left the “dying” turntable market, the availability of direct drive technology was gone, too. So the belt drive could step into the gap.

Exactly here is my point. As experienced engineer and design manager for many years, I love technical challenges. The direct drive of turntables is such a challenge. I wanted to understand this technology in detail. So I started in 2007 a project “my own direct drive”. The results were so encouraging, that I made the decision to bring it to perfection and sell it.

After years of engineering, I can proudly present a new turntable with direct drive technology. Best performance, extraordinary sound quality and a exclusive design, that is the Langer No.7.

We also offer the drive components as a set. This enables a professional DIY designer to use this high end direct drive technology. OEM design on request is also a part of our business.

Alfred Langer
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