Langer No.7 im Test LP-1/2014
Langer No.7 Hifi&Records 3/2016
Langer No.7 Turntable
Best technology combined with elegant design = Langer No. 7

Drive technology:
Of course we use our new direct drive technology in our turntable. Absolutely low noise, top wow and flutter values and adequate time for speed stabilization, are just a few advantages of the langer-direct-drive. The unique analog drive controller sends an almost flat and very low control voltage to the motor. The motor operates mainly as a high precision platter bearing with a little energy compensation for friction losses. For more details refer our drive technology.

The platter:
The weight of the platter is almost 3kg. The mass is optimized for best results with our motor and controller technology. The solid rubber mat adds also weight and eliminates platter resonances. In addition it couples the record to the platter.

It is extremely simple and still comfortable to operate the Langer No. 7. There are buttons for speed selection, 33 or 45 rpm. The selected speed is illuminated with an area LED. There is another button for start/stop toggle. The “motor on” condition is also indicated via LED.

The Chassis Design:
The Langer No. 7 has got a sub chassis design. Motor, platter and tonearm are assembled on a solid metal plate, which sits on 4 damper elements. The outside housing works as solid ground. The housing of the “full metal” version has a mass of 20kg! But also the version with fine wood finish has a heavy full metal base plate. The complete turntable is equipped with 4 adjustable full metal stands, for exact positioning in the horizontal.

Tonearm Integration:
A huge variety of 9” tonearms is accepted by the turntable. With special designed adaptor plates, it is very simple to integrate the 3rd party tonearms. The audio cables are guided through holes in the back of the housing. There is also a solid grounding clamp for connection to the amplifier.
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