Langer No.9

Best technology combined with noble design

Langer No.9

Drive Unit

Of course, we use our new direct drive technology in our turntable. Absolutely low noise, top wow and flutter values and adequate time for speed stabilization, are just a few advantages of the Langer-direct-drive. The unique analog drive controller sends an almost flat and very low control voltage to the motor. The motor operates mainly as a high precision platter bearing with a little energy compensation for friction losses.
Langer No.9 Antrieb
Langer No.9 Plattenteller


The weight of the platter is almost 3kg. The mass is optimized for best results in combination with our motor and controller technology. The solid rubber mat also adds weight and eliminates platter resonances. In addition, it guarantees the best coupling of the record to the platter.

Operation Terminal

Operating the Langer No. 9 is extremely simple. There is a rotary switch for speed selection. By selecting the platter speed, also the motor is switched on. Supported platter speeds are 33, 45 and 78 RPM.

Langer No.9 Bedienung
Langer No.9 Gehäusekonstruktion

The Chassis Design

The design of the Langer No.9 allows an integration of almost every tonearm with a length from 9” to 12”. Tonearm base and motor unit are placed on a massive aluminum plate. This plate is settled into an MDF-Block with fine veneer surface. The base of the plinth is a 12mm aluminum plate. The complete plinth design is rock solid and has over 20kg mass. There are 4 big aluminum stands, which can be individually adjusted in height.

Tonearm Integration

It is very easy to integrate different tonearms. There are special designed adaptor plates available. So, it is possible to integrate almost every tonearm with a length from 9” to 12”. The audio cables are guided through a big hole in the bottom plate of the plinth.
Langer No.9 Tonarmintegration

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