Direct Drive

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Langer OEM Antrieb


The motor design is brushless. It used Hall sensors and an integrated electronic board for commuting the motor coils. This is a must for a smooth motor movement and for elimination of distortion by usual brushes. The motor coils are air core types. So, there is no magnetic rest point or hysteresis loss. Speed feedback comes from an optical sensor combined with an encoder.

Motor Bearing

As the motor bearing is also the platter bearing, we spent special attention on its design. The radial force is carried by a precision sinter metal bearing. For the axial forces, we used a bearing bottom made of polyamide. This design guarantees very low movement noise and high precision bearing gap, combined with long life.


The rotor unit is also a sub platter. So, it is easy to combine with all kind of platter designs. The encoder marks for speed feedback are directly integrated in the rotor design, for minimum tolerances and maximum accuracy.
Langer OEM Antrieb Rotor

Speed Control

The speed control circuit is a special design, dedicated to the “Langer” motor. This circuit works completely analog. That means we compare an analog signal for speed feedback with an analog speed reference. Therefore, the output signal to the motor is also analog. In combination with a correctly designed platter, the signal to the motor is a simple flat line. During playback, the motor acts just as a precision bearing plus a little energy for the friction losses. Only during start mode or at higher break forces, it increases the drive current accordingly to the needed level. The result is a comfortable settling time for platter speed and absolutely low wow and flutter values during your listening audience.

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