Precision at its best

Tonearm Bearing

The bearing design is a 4-point gimbal. All bearings are precise pivot bearings combined with hardened and precision grinded bearing tips. All gimbal parts are made of solid aluminum.

Skating Compensation

Antiskating can be precisely adjusted with the integrated antiskating mechanism. A precision tension spring, combined with a tricky mechanic produces the correct compensation force at any tonearm position.
Langer - OEM Antrieb Tonarmsockel

Tonearm Socket

The socket base features an integrated 5 pin plug, for direct connection of a phono cable. The tonearm height adjustment is supported by a solid clamping mechanism.

Arm Tube and

The armtube is a compound of aluminum (inside) and carbon fiber (outside). This is rigid design, combined with high damping for resonances. At the end there is a solid docking section for the headshell, which is made of solid aluminum.
Langer OEM Tonarm Headshell